The remote-controlled wireless X HEAD is a device designed to achieve precise rotation of the camera in pan and tilt axis. X HEAD with Z MOTOR for slide movement is dedicated to our DollyCrane and DollyCrane HD PRO. X HEAD is dedicated to DSLR  and film cameras of a total weight up to 16kg. Dedicated 6-axis joystick controller integrates all possible features for controlling X HEAD, DollyCrane slide movement, focus, iris and zoom of camera lenses.


Max payload 16kg


Perfectly smooth

6-axis control

Head | Slider | Lens



6 axis.



Three devices that integrate all possible features for controlling X Head and DollyCrane slide movement.

Using these devices enables full control and precision of the movement of the camera.


Joystick controller that enables to control up to six independent axes in real time. Eight movements can be memorized for later use. Potentiometers placed on the control panel allows the adjustment of current motion parameters. You can directly modify settings without searching through complicated menus. KAIROS guarantees you can work quickly and precisely. Full control of pan, tilt and slide movement. Integration with PDMOVI’s motors controls zoom, focus and iris.


Key features of Kairos Controller:


360°, 72°/sec pan, tilt rotation
20cm/sec slide movement
Cable and wireless
Live control with precise parallax
Programmable movement
Zoom, focus and iris control
▸ Time lapse only via DRAGONFRAME software


Controller with 3-axis joystick for both live and time lapse with a built in microprocessor to program, record and playback up to 10 moves. FC Controller controls pan, tilt and slide movement.


Key features of FC Controller:


360°, 45°/sec pan, tilt rotation
20cm/sec slide movement
Cable and wireless (300m)
Real time operation
Programmable movement
Time lapse and stop motion
Full repeatability for VFX
Shutter and exposure control
Time extension
Nine persistent banks


Regardless of whether you are a seasoned filmmaker or skilled stop-motion animator, built-in DRAGONFRAME adapter (optional) will change your workflow – full integration with DRAGONFRAME software. DRAGONFRAME is an industry-standard software for stop motion animation. It helps you control your script, your camera and your motion control rig from laptops, PC and Mac computers.


The camera slider motor for X HEAD system.

Provides smooth camera movement on DollyCrane rail, with max speed 20cm/sec.



X Head controllers support PDMOVIE Lens Control System via the Lemo connector.

You can control focus, zoom and iris of different lenses.

TORQUE 0.8Nm - equivalent to 70 watts of power consumption. It is fast response and almost no delay.

RESOLUTION 8192 levels - when controls the lens, no matter how slow it is, it can execute and complete the control instructions accurately and smoothly.

Mounting Adapters

Quick Release Adapter

V-Lock Adapter

Transport Case

Transport case with hard foam insert.


Kit includes:

– remote controlled head
– 12V power adapter
– data cable
– transport case with hard foam insert