This reinforced version of reliable X-HEAD SK 6 is designed to work in a professional studio environment. The heavyweight gearbox, previously used only in panorama axis has been applied as well in the tilt axis. The new X-HEAD SK 16 has increased payload capacity and higher stability.



Max payload 16kg


Perfectly smooth

6-axis control

Head | Slider | Lens

Wireless adapter Integrated.

The X-HEAD SK 16 has a built-in SLIDELINK PRO adapter – a wireless WiFi module.
The head is equipped with a LEMO connector that supports communication
and power supply for the PDMOVIE drives (Lens Control System).

Overslung And underslung.

The head is designed to work overslung on sliders, tripods
and underslung on jibs, cranes or overhang sliders.

X Head SK 16

Set includes:

– remote controlled head
– 12V power adapter
– data cable
– transport case with hard foam insert